Business Owner FAQs

1. Will switching to HAY! Straws® save me money?

    If disposed of properly, compostable products like HAY! Straws® get to skip the landfill.

    And that’s good news for anyone interested in saving money. The less waste an individual or business has to send to the landfill, the smaller the expense associated with removing and processing that waste. 


    2. But aren’t plastic straws cheaper than HAY! Straws®?

    It’s true: sustainable straws do cost a little more than plastic. But there’s an easy way to afford HAY! Straws® and still actually save money: implement a “straws upon request” rule.

    When we dine out, we’re so accustomed to being handed a straw along with every beverage that we often don’t even think about it. Do we really want that straw? Or are we only using it because it’s there? If you implement a policy at your restaurant to only offer straws if customers specifically ask, you’ll likely be surprised how few people actually do. This means you’ll need to stock way fewer straws. With the money you’ll save by shrinking your straw supply, you’ll be able to offset the cost of wheat straws. And there’s a good chance you’ll still save money on top of that.


    3. Who else is making the switch?

    Join the ranks of others who are kickstarting the strawless movement globally.

    The People have spoken, and now countries and cities all over the world are banning plastic straws. Campaigns like Straw-less in Seattle, #StopSucking, Straws Suck, and many others have helped drive action in the U.S., causing several cities and states to consider outright bans of plastic straws. In the UK, the #NaeStrawAtAll movement in Ullapool, Scotland—launched by school children!—caused the village to officially ban plastic straws in 2017. In Taiwan, the wheels are already turning on a new ban that will eliminate single use plastic bags, utensils, and straws by 2030. Even huge corporations, like a McDonald’s restaurant in New Zealand, are trying out a “straws upon request” policy.

    Consumers notice and appreciate the businesses that take actions facing the global issues they care about the most. Countless organizations and businesses are leading the charge, and we’re willing to bet your customers would be thrilled to have you join in the movement, too! Check out our Shop or Wholesale pages to give HAY! Straws® a try.